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We want to help you save some costs on IT.  Find out how .

Backup and Disaster Recovery

keeping you awake at night? 

3GL is more than just another IT Consulting Services Company.

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“IT” is all about the User. 

When is the last time you heard that?

At 3GL we always find the solution for you and just make things work so you can do what you need to do.

3GL Technology Solutions is unlike any other IT consulting company.

Protecting your network is a challenge.

3GL makes it easy.

WINDOWS 10 Compatible

- Viruses and Spyware
- Identity Theft
- Anti-Ransomware
- Phising Attacks
- Social Network Threats - Unsafe Websites

Our custom protection tools

 make it easy for you

to get protected against:

IT’s simple;  IT is about the end user experience.
We get IT.

We focus on the user first.

There are so many so-called solutions out there, but 3GL has the one that works!


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