Private cloud, public cloud, disaster recovery, basic network assessments?  Is that ALL you hear from other consulting companies?

You think why change?  They’re all the same.

3GL is NOTthe same.

Contact 3GL and find out how IT’s All About You!

Here are some real-life examples. Sometimes other consulting companies or internal IT Departments can’t seem to find a fix. 3GL can and will!

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Users intermittently cannot login (white screen/freezing/crashing)
Slow Login times
Email Synchronization with iPhones and Desktop
Printing – slow or sometimes not at all
Remote access not reliable – sometimes cannot login when not in the office
Saved documents missing
Out of disk space
Thin client computers – no sound for webinars, issues connecting to webinars
Sharing client documents difficult (ie. downloading files takes inordinate amount of time)
Viruses, Ransomware
Users unable to access appropriate web sites on the network
Email downtime
WI – FI - can’t connect; drops out

Let us prove “IT”!

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