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How can I cut costs?

We recognize that the current Alberta economy is affecting almost every business sector. Business leaders and business owners are asking how to provide a stable and secure I.T. environment at something that they can afford.

At 3GL we understand the struggles that small and medium businesses are going through, and have put together programs that are specifically designed to help you dramatically reduce costs while providing real value to your business.

We have some simple ways:

OUR SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE on a monthly basis with no long term commitment!

STATE-OF-THE-ART SOLUTIONS FOR BACKUP and DISASTER RECOVERY designed to quickly restore your data in case of a system failure.

We SECURE AND MANAGE vulnerable parts of your network

We keep our overhead costs low, and pass the cost cost savings directly on to you.




We have developed custom 3GL programs and packages for our clients which other IT consulting firms do not have.  We have developed ways to keep your costs low by our strategic partnerships and customized applications which streamline our job duties.

We deliver and implement what we say and we do it well and efficiently.

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