Not all backups are created equally...

The concept of a backup is to protect your data, the methods to accomplish this can be very different. At 3GL we provide you with a number of options that clearly identify the backup protection that you will be receiving.

We feel that one of the most important questions that companies should ask when deciding on a backup option is how long they are willing to wait for the data to be restored in the event of a system failure.

The answer to this question often determines the overall design of your backup system as some offsite cloud backups can take over a week to restore.   

3GLcan provide backup solutions that provide local on-site protection or hosted off site backups that reside in our Data Center in downtown Edmonton. A third option is backing up to the cloud with some of our Canadian data center partners.

All of our 3GL backup solutions focus on reliability, security and are very cost effective.  Give us an opportunity to provide you with a backup solution designed specifically for you and your work environment.

Get started today with our Backup Plans and stop worrying!

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